E-Response Services

E-mail has become as common to our lives as the telephone. At ‘RM e-Services’, we offer a host of services in managing various aspects of a business' e-mail. Our fully deployed internet enabled contact center allows us to handle incoming e-mail from all sources. The biggest complaint today is that e-mail's to company's today are either not being answered or taking days to respond. We can provide response times as short as 5 minutes depending on the inquiry requested by the customer.

Customer Acquisition

‘RM e-Services’’ e-mail services can do reminders, offer coupons, present content, etc., anything that can be useful to your existing or potential customer - and generate business! Our targeted e-mail campaigns can provide a host of services depending on your needs. Whether it is acquiring new customers or generating interest over a new product or service we have the solution. Let us show you how E-mail marketing can make a difference for your business, no matter how large or small your business is. Customer Service Our seasoned Inbound customer service associates are cross-trained in both voice and e-mail customer service responses