Back End Solutions

RM E-Services offers world-class Back End Solutions specialized in back office and business process outsourcing solutions guaranteed to cut costs and improve quality. It can save up to 60-70% compared with domestic costs, dramatically shortened delivery times and strictly maintained quality standards.

In Back End Solutions every agent or associate works towards providing customized professional experiences to a client's customers in order to ensure first class customer service and problem solving service.

For Back End Solutions the extent of services varies from simple queries such as account details, maintenance, bought services, and product information to complex procedures and infrastructure designed to handle inbound sales calls. This in turn helps generate significant growth for the clients. Outsourcing back office operations optimizes all different kinds of customer care interactions related to revenue generation. This is achieved through reduced costs per contact while maintaining or even exceeding current quality levels.

Some of the main functions of Back End Solutions include resolving complaints and enquiries, managing orders, taking care of billing queries, providing product information support and managing loyalty programs.

Since our inception is as a Back End Solution Outsourcing Company, hence we have provided Virtual Workforce solutions to our clients based through out world.