About Us

Since 2007 'RM e-Services' Contact Center is owned and managed by young third generation entrepreneurs lead by Mr. Munish Jain & Ms Richa Jain dedicated to provide the complete spectrum of I T enabled services to its global customers. The core team consists of Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resource and Finance professionals with extensive exposure in providing value added, high quality and cost-effective solutions strategically using cutting edge technologies.

Our Vision

To continuously exceed our customers' increasing expectations."

Our Mission

  Develop new methodologies and processes for providing better productivity and quality.
  Unlock the intellectual capital power to deliver exceptional customer experience and high-end processes to global businesses.
  Provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness to clients through two-tiered support options.
  Deliver inspirational results with support of a great wealth of knowledge.

Organization Structure

'RM e-Services' is organized as a process-oriented company, around three pillars of excellence:

Staff Excellence: This is the inward-looking process focused on human resources. The mandate of the Staff Excellence group is to ensure that suitably trained; top-notch staff is always available to fully meet the requirements of the Operations Group.

Program Excellence: This is the outward-looking process focused on Client Success. The mandate of the Program Excellence Group is to achieve the highest client satisfaction levels in the industry and to earn the status of being the most preferred partner of its clients.

Operational Excellence: This is the glue that binds both the processes together. The mandate of the Operational Excellence group is to become the acknowledged industry leader in terms of efficiency, profitability and service quality, as evidenced by industry benchmarks.